Special framing | Handmade picture frames

We would like to show you examples of individual frames and special frames from our customers in the Rhine-Main region.
At Art & More, our picture frame specialist workshop in Raunheim, we make picture frames for small and large works of art for our customers on a daily basis. Chose from small, high-quality picture frames at a fair prices to life-size display cases for Formula-1 racing suits or wedding dresses – we make everything possible.
The simple to elaborate framing is made by hand according to customer requirements. No picture frame will look alike, because there is a large selection of mouldings, colors, mat boards and picture frame glasses to chose from.
Take a look at the different 3D picture frames, object frames, classic framing or the framing of canvases and fabrics in our categories. Perhaps you would like to stop by with your artwork in our picture frame specialist workshop in Raunheim and seek advice on framing your picture, canvas or collector’s item.
We look forward to new challenges and future framings, which we can present to our customers here in this section.

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