Shipping of canvases and embroideries to be stretched and framed

Would you like to have your canvas, embroidery, art or a photo framed, but you do not live close to our frameshop to stop by personally? No problem with our new service “Ship & Frame”.

Just give us a call, fill out our request form and send us your canvas or embroidery by mail.
We will do the rest for you.

Further below you will find a request form for a quotation and instructions on how to send in your embroidery design.
For all customers who live further away and cannot come to our frame workshop in person.

Easy handling:

Talking to our customers is very important to us – even if they do not live nearby to visit us in our frameshop. Talking personally on the phone is very important to find out exactly what ideas, expectations and wishes you have regarding the framing of your artwork. Important information in order to be able to make a custom made. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stretch a canvas on a stretcher frame, have the stretched canvas framed in a floater frame, or want to stretch and frame an embroidery. We offer our service “Ship&Frame” for all kinds of artwork (including watercolors, chalk drawings, prints and photos, etc.). On our first call, we get an overview of your ideas and we can assist you with our experience and advice. This enables us to show you at a distance what we can do for you and your artwork. Without having to show up personally in our frameshop and yet individually tailored for you.

The request form is easy to understand and can be filled out quickly without much effort. It serves as a first cost estimate. If you fill it out and send it back to plus add a photo of your canvas or embroidery, you will immediately receive a price range from quoting the framing and shipping of your framing.

If you like our offer, you can send us your canvas, your embroidery picture or any other work of art for framing. When sending a canvas, please ensure that you DO NOT fold it, but rather roll it not too tightly – with the motif inwards – and send it back to us in a tube. For canvases and embroidery pictures alike, it is important to have a surface that is as smooth as possible. In the case of heavily wrinkled material, we recommend that you gently ironsteam the canvas or the embroidery before shipping. Please enclose a copy of your filled out request form with the shipment so that we can assign your shipment to the correct project and discussed picture frame. A parallel email with the tracking code of your shipment is helpful.

As soon as we receive your shipment, we will confirm the receipt and condition of the artwork. Your work of art is in safe hands in our frame workshop! The production of your framing takes place.

The easiest and fastest way for further communication is the exchange of photos and framework suggestions via Whatsapp or email, so that you have a good idea of ​​the finished work of art in front of you. We are in close communication with you at all times.

Only after you are satisfied with the choice of moulding and mat color etc. you place the framing order at the agreed cost without risk. We take care of the rest for you, offering a lot of experience and technical know-how.

The individual, hand-framed and finished work of art is professionally packed by us and sent back to you. All you need to do is unwrap and hang it on the wall!

Would you like to have your canvas, embroidery, art or a photo framed, but you do not live close to our frameshop to stop by personally? No problem with our new service “Ship & Frame”.

Please simply fill out the following form. Here you can specify your wishes and requirements. After sending the form, you will receive all the data you have entered as an e-mail to your e-mail address.
If you then wish to have your artwork framed/stretched by us, please enclose a printout of this e-mail with the postal consignment.

If you would like to stretch and / or frame your canvas after our quotation just follow these few easy steps:

  1. Carefully roll the canvas or needlework with the motif inwards.
    Please ensure that the paint is completely dry.
  2. Pack the canvas or needlework, paying particular attention to the ends. We recommend shipping in a stable shipping tube.
  3. Please send us an email stating the company and tracking number of your package.

The production of your frame will only take place after precise consultation, i.e. agreed materials and costs.

No e-mail address? Then you can print out our form here and send it to us filled out by mail