Stretcher frame for your canvas

Stretcher frames are wooden bars to stretch a canvas on. Unlike picture frames, you do not frame the canvas, but give it stability from the flipside. The canvas is drawn around the wooden bar and attached to the back. Stretcher frames are available in many standard sizes as well as individual sizes and formats (rectangle, square) – to match your canvas. Larger canvases are reinforced with struts to give them more stability. Small wedges are hammered into the corners at the back to regulate or adjust the tension of the canvas. In our frame workshop we also make stretcher bars in large and special formats.

What is a stretcher frame?

A stretcher frame is a wooden frame that consists of four bars, similar to a picture frame. Stretcher frames are used to stretch canvase. These can be painted or printed canvases, e.g. brought back from vacation. Of course, as an artist you can also purchase blank (white) canvases on stretcher frames, which you then paint yourself. We stretch your canvas onto a stretcher and use small wedges to adjust the tension of the canvas. If necessary, this can be repeated regularly in the corners of the stretcher frame backside by reinserting the small wedges. Simply insert the wedges into the slot provided in the stretcher (corner) and knock them slightly with a hammer.

Have your canvas stretched on a stretcher frame

If you have a canvas printed out in our framing studio and need a stretcher for it, you can look forward to high quality products. All our canvases are made of cotton blends and are pre-primed. This way they offer the optimal background for the color brilliance of your printout.

Stretche frame available in different sizes

In our frame workshop we offer stretcher frames for your canvases in many standard sizes. Since we make our stretcher bars ourselves, you can have square and rectangular stretcher bars of almost any size individually made for your canvas. From small formats to special sizes in oversize, we can stretch any work of art for you and provide it with a stretcher frame. The wooden struts of the stretcher are available in different thicknesses from two to six centimeters. These are galvanized and glued to provide stability. We use a strut from approx. 70 x 100 cm and even a cross from approx. 100 x 100 cm, so that the wooden struts cannot warp.

Stretcher frame accessories

It is important to choose the correct, safe and stable suspension for stretcher frames. We offer several hangers in various thicknesses and designs for your stretchers. Wedges for tensioning / re-tensioning can also be reordered as accessories. In addition to anti-theft protection, there is also a special suspension for sloping ceilings and sloping walls.

mount stretched canvas into floater frame

Frame canvas in a floater frame

You can either hang canvases on stretchers on the wall or improve the appearance with a floater frame. A floater frame is a picture frame made of wood or aluminum without glass, which leaves a small gap of 1 cm between your canvas and the moulding, which makes the picture appear floating.

In our frameshop we offer customized picture frames made of wood or aluminum, which you can also order individually with a narrower or wider gap. For your stretched canvas in standard size, we offer ready-made floater frames in various designs, in which you only have to insert your stretcher. For a canvas of 50 x 50 cm plus a gap of 1 cm the dimensions are 52 x 52 cm. For the outside dimension, please add the width of your moulding.